The key to a good fit is, naturally, a good measurement. It's not all that hard. It takes a little time and attention. Remember you 're not building a space vehicle, so measurements aren't super critical. A 1/8" or a 1/4" won't ruin the custom fit. Use this Chart to take measurement for submitting for a pattern. This chart can also be copied and taken to local tailor if you are having problems or don't feel confident in taking measurements. Don't be intimidated, thousands have done it and been successful. If you order online hit the submit button and we will received your measurement chart. Upon receiving the chart it takes about ten days for shirt patterns and approximately 3 to 4 weeks for custom made shirts. Please fill in all the blanks to help us give you the best fitting shirt. Any problems ,Call Toll Free 1-888-467-4478
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There are eight measurements , Please complete All blanks

Put one finger under tape and pullj tape snug at the widest part of the nec.(Normally where the neck meets the shoulders.Then loosen to where it feels comfortable.


5. Hips:

Using two fingers under the tape, pull tape snug around at the widest point.(Usually about 6" to 8" below the waist.) Then loosen slightly and measure.

2. Shoulders:

This is the most important measurement. Measure straight across the back from the edge of the shoulder, over the prominent boneat the top of the back, to the edge of the other shoulder. If unsure make it just a half inch bigger. I can make it smaller but I can't make it bigger.

6. Shirt Length: 

With head straight forward, measure from the protuding pint of the collar bone down to whatever length is desired(Usually about beginning of the crotch area.) If unsure pull out a shirt that fits and take that measurement.

3. Chest:

Using two fingers under the tape, pull tape snug around the widest point fo the chest. Then loosen to where it feels comfortable. Measure. This comfortable reading is exactly hos the shirt will fit across the chest.

7. Sleeve:

Bend elbow slightly, as shown. Measure from the protruding top backbone at center back, over to the end of shoulder, around elbow to where you want the cuff to reach the wrist. Unsure ,measure a shirt you own that fits or tell us the length you would like.

4. Waist:

Using two fingers under the tape, pull tape snug around the waist. Then loosen to where it feels comfortable. Measure.(The waist is usually located around the belly button. Always take it over the largest part of the waist. It the person has a beer belly, take it over the largest part.

8. Wrist:

Measure around snugly. If wrist wtch is worn, measure directly over the watch. Unsure, take the cuff length off old shirt that fits and fill in the blank