Use this form to tag your cuffs and collar replacements. Use one form per shirt. If you have a problem or any questions, call 1-877-693-6732 and we will guide you through the form.
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Collar Replacement
Cuff Replacement
Collar Size Color of Fabric forCuff
Make Collar Same Size 
Make Neck size_______
Fabric Color for Collar Cuff Style


  Other Color(specify)_________

Use same Style

Use Style_______

Gold Service

Collar Style

Use Same Style
Use Style______


Available in U.S. Only

Add this service to your order and we will send
you the box and paid the postage both ways. Avoid shopping for the box and going to your
PostMaster or UPS driver. Just hand them the box
on the street or a drop box. Saves Time

$20.00(Shopping Cart Entry)

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